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Vedant plans bespoke travel experiences across India's vast wilderness regions while catering to some of India's premium lodges and camps. His tours are curated in keeping with responsible tourism practices and every trip is a unique experience woven with the cultural fabric of the landscape and the traditions of it's people.

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Here is his ideology:

For too long safari travel has been viewed in a certain way. The image that comes to mind is tourists with big cameras, looking for picture perfect sightings, riding atop loud jeeps. In my experience travel has the potential to go beyond just sightseeing, that it can make a real difference and reset priorities resulting in a whole new self. I intend to design luxury experiences while encouraging responsible travel, understanding habitats and animal behaviors while supporting the local culture and communities. I decided early on that life in the city was not something I was shaped out to chase. Following my passion for animals and the great outdoors, I ventured into the tourism industry. Over the last 10 years I have come to understand that experiencing wildlife firsthand brought about a connection that no number of pictures and research can achieve. Since then, I have championed the importance of wildlife tourism through responsible travel that goes beyond just sightings and photography. This served as my inspiration to design expeditions and tours that focus on witnessing the majestic creatures in their natural habitat and providing relevant information for a uniquely wholesome experience to my guests. Safaris have the unique benefit of cutting past the vicious portrayal of wild animals and encouraging a bond of respect between people and animals. It's an action-oriented form of awareness and results in a fundamental change in mindset. I intend to inspire and introduce as many people as I can to the beauty that Indian wilderness has to offer.



Snow leopard_edited.jpg

Snow Leopard Expedition, Ladakh
(November to April)

“On the borders of Tibet is the Indian district of Ladakh – probably THE best place to see Snow Leopards in the world. Here in the high, desolate grandeur of arid mountains, tourism is being leveraged to protect these magnificent cats. In the austere beauty of Ladakh’s winter landscape, your search for the snow leopard will become the adventure of a lifetime”

Recommended: 9 nights/10 days 

Privately Guided Expedition for Individuals/Groups.


Peregrine Falcon with pigeon kill 2.JPG

Birding & Wildlife of Rann of Kutch, Gujarat
(December to March)

"In the far west of India, wedged hard under the ribs of the subcontinent and stretching to the Western horizon and the sea beyond, are the bleached flat lands of the Rann of Kutchh – Little & Greater. This is the great salt desert famed as the last home of the Asiatic wild ass and the vast shimmering pink colonies of nesting flamingos. It is a surprisingly rich haven for both wildlife and colourful nomadic cultures which makes a perfect setting for the curious and sensitive traveller to explore and understand."

Recommended: 3 nights/4 days 

Privately Guided (optional) Expedition for Individuals/Groups.



Big Cats in the Land of the Kings-
Jawai & Ranthambore,

One of the best places in the world to observe and photograph Tigers and Leopards in some unique landscapes.

Recommended: 7 nights/8 days 

Privately Guided Expedition for Individuals/Groups.



Monsoon Herpetofauna Tours

Monsoons in India are one of the finest times to observe and photograph some fascinating endemic and endangered herpetofauna species.


Privately Guided Expedition for Individuals/Groups.

Rusty Spotted Cat.jpg


If you would like some destinations of your choice, customised and curated into a bespoke safari experience, please get in touch below!

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*** All tours are organised through established and acclaimed Indian Tour Operators who have been certified for the specified region of travel. This helps in assuring quality and safety of the tour. 

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